Michael V. Phenner -  Senior Quality Engineer and Manager

TITLE: Quality Engineer

ProTom International

As the Design Quality Engineering Manager at ProTom, I worked closely with Michael on new product development projects. Michael is a practical, professional, and dedicated Quality Engineer with solid Engineering and Quality System skills. I enjoyed working with Michael and developed a level of confidence and trust in Michael's work. Michael would be an asset to any organization. (December 4, 2017)

Michelle Lavoie - Design Quality Engineering Manager

Michelle managed Michael directly at ProTom International


TITLE: Quality Engineer

Covaris Inc.

While contracting as a Quality Engineer at Covaris, Mike provided significant support to launch of a new generation of focused acoustic instruments used in biotech labs. He wrote test protocols for and validated software, developed test procedures, designed and built test fixtures for circuit boards, supported board test at an external vendor, maintained bug lists, evaluated degas pump systems, investigated the performance of chiller systems, followed up MRB material issues with vendors, diagnosed and repaired circuit boards, maintained site EMC control materials, and managed a new line of instruments through Product Safety and EMC test certifications. All of these activities assisted product launch and quality assurance efforts, with design and process changes made through Change Orders supported by data and test reports. Combining QA, diagnostic ability and work ethic, I recommend Mike Phenner for employment in a Quality / Test / Manufacturing Support environment. (March 25, 2011)

Paul O'Shaughnessy , Director, Quality Assurance, Covaris (colleague)
Managed Michael at Covaris, Inc.


TITLE: Quality Engineer

ESA Biosciences


I had the opportunity to manage Michael at ESA Biosciences. Michael is a hard worker and is conversant with the Quality System Regulation for medical devices. Michael has excellent work ethics and works hard to implement new and improved quality systems. Michael is a team player and works well with people. He works well across the organization and is an asset to any medical device company. (March 6, 2009)

Amita Shah , Director QA , Covidien

Managed Michael Phennerat ESA Biosciences


I had the pleasure of working with Mike Phenner at ESA Biosciences for over a year and I was very pleased with his quality of work, dedication and skills. Mike conducts himself with the highest degree of integrity. Mike was instrumental in creating a database for documenting the employee training and the equipment calibration for the entire company which is being used to monitor the status and the requirements. Mike was also involved with the vendor quality program and worked with our Purchasing team to resolve the domestic and international supplier quality issues. I recommend Mike for any endeavor he chooses. (July 5, 2009)

Hossein Maleknia, VP Of Operations, ESA Biosciences (colleague)
Managed Michael Phenner indirectly at ESA Biosciences


Mike was a pleasure to work with at ESA. I worked with him in the Quality department on the training, calibration, CAPA and MRB processes. He has outstanding communication, computer and organizational skills. He was always willing to lend a hand when I needed it. I wish Mike the best of luck in the future.(July 4, 2009)

Matthew Turant, Quality Control Supervisor, ESA Biosciences (colleague)
Worked directly with Michael Phenner at ESA Biosciences


TITLE: Quality Assurance Engineer

OmniSonics Medical Inc.


Mike has tremendous experience in test and measurement sciences. He has written numerous test method validation protocols and reports, designed fixtures, implemented method improvements, and written the support documentation to accompany them. He has also contributed extensively to improvements in the Quality System by managing the CAPA system and implementing improved methods for gathering, accessing, and reporting information quickly and effectively..(November. 12, 2007)

Richard Balano , Director of Quality , OmniSonics
Managed Michael Phenner
at OmniSonics Medical Technologies


Mike Phenner was a pleasure to work with at OmniSonics. While managing the Test Engineering group, Mike oversaw a wide variety of V&V test activities for the company.(November 21, 2007)

Lauren Aquino Shluzas , Senior Product Development Engineer , Omnisonics Medical Technologies
Reported to
Michael Phennerat OmniSonics Medical Technologies


I have known Mike as a colleague @ Omnisonics. Mike is a dedicated manager who cares for his people and his colleagues. He is very professional in his interactions, goal & detail oriented. He commands a good working knowledge of Labview software, scripting, process & test development. At Omnisonics he managed the CAPA & QA performance test lab and product test development. As a colleague I strongly recommend Mike for Medical Device Engineering organizations. (November. 9, 2007)

Masood Baig , Principal Quality Engineer , OmniSonics
Worked directly with Michael Phenner
at OmniSonics Medical Technologies


Mike performed his QA work in a precise and competent manner. He was organized in planning the work that needed to get done. Also a very easy person to work with and a good team player. Mike is very familiar with all of the QA aspects of medical device FDA compliance. (November 14, 2007)

Jay Sheehan , Principal Engineer , Omnisonics
Worked directly with Michael Phenner
at OmniSonics Medical Technologies


Mike developed test methods at Omnisonics including adapting a gel measurement technique taken from the food industry for use to characterize blood clots. This became a very important and valuable technique for the company in that it allowed us to measure the mechanical strength of blood clots before we cleared them with our device. (November 14, 2007)

Max Fiore , SVP Research,Development and Operations , OmniSonics Medical Technologies
Managed Michael Phenner
indirectly at OmniSonics Medical Technologies


Mike did a great job helping me out on short notice in a pinch by pushing through some ECO's for test procedures and also running IQ/OQ's on these same test fixtures, all without my having to explain minute details to him. It ended up being very helpful to my project and enables us to finish the testing on time. (November 12, 2007)

Steve Forcucci , Principal Mechanical Engineer , Omnisonics Medical Technologies
Worked directly with Michael Phenner
at OmniSonics Medical Technologies


TITLE: Engineer II / R&D Lab Manager

Abbott Diabetes Care (formally Abbott Laboratories - MediSense Products)


Mike is an effective player/coach who takes action to achieve stated goals. He bangs out the work yet also seeks to develop those who work for him. Mike embraces new technology and goes with the flow when changes occur.� November 21, 2007

Glenn Nygard , Hardware Engineering Manager , Abbott Labs.
- Managed
Michael Phenner at Abbott Laboratories


Mike was responsible for managing the R&D Test group and supporting the Design Engineers by debugging their designs. Mike was also responsible for supporting manufacturing when they were required to use the engineering temperature and humidity test chambers. Mike was very proactive in his position from both a technical and managerial point of view. If he saw a potential problem, he would discuss it with me and, more importantly, give me his recommended solution which was typically well thought out. Mike also researched new S/W and H/W tools that would support the R&D Test Engineering group. He helped me to develop the rational necessary to support purchasing the tools and establish yearly budgets. (November 12, 2007)

Richard Lubin , Manager, Engineering Services , Abbott Laboratories
Managed Michael Phenner
at Abbott Laboratories


MIke is a very serious, capable service provider. He is very attentive to details of the job and makes his commitments. He never seems to get behind or frustrated when there are many irons in the fire. (November 29, 2007)

Brian Connolly , Senior Engineering Manager , Abbott Laboratories/MediSense Products
Worked directly with Michael Phenner
at Abbott Laboratories


Mike was my supervisor while I was at Abbott. He treated me and everyone else fairly and encouraged us to learn new skills. He managed our department in a way that made us invaluable to the engineers who were designing new medical equipment. Our work was reliable and trusted. (December 3, 2007)

Kathy Fletcher , Technician , Abbott Diabetes Care
Reported to Michael Phenner
at Abbott Laboratories


TITLE: Sr. R&D Technician

CR Bard (Critical Care)


Dates: ~ 1990- 1992 - Mike Phenner was a valuable member of the R&D team, responsible for supporting development of medical electronic equipment. He was solid technically, had excellent skills, took pride in his work, and was a pleasure to work with. (December 13, 2007)

Jonathan Schiff , Sr R&D Engineer , General Electric Health Care
Michael Phenner directly at CR Bard Inc.


TITLE: Sr. Electronic Technician


Michael worked in our in circuit test area several years ago. He was a solid contributor during his time with ECRM (1985 – 1990).

Anthony Lang,, Quality Manufacturing Technical Director, ECRM imaging systems (colleague)
Managed Michael Phenner indirectly at ECRM


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